About the Paradise Kit

Our exclusive kit contains 13 travel-size brushes made with high quality goat hair, shining aluminum and sturdy eco-friendly wooden handles. The bristles are heavenly soft against your face, and yet still firm. Each brush can easily meet every single demand and any application style. The brushes come in an innovative holder that protects the brushes from dust, is easy to store when traveling or on the go. Every piece is perfect for daily use and built to last. Let these brushes color your life.


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What's Included

... Powder Dome, tapered to a slightly pointed tip with round chiseled sides.
... Stippling Large, flat-topped, full circular
... Blush Medium-sized, dense paddle with fluffed rounded tip.
... Contour Large dense rectangle with fluffed angled tip.
... Foundation Large, dense, flat paddle with chiseled tip.
... Concealer Medium sized, dense paddle with flat rounded tip.
... Blending Full oval with fluffed rounded tip
... Eyeshadow Medium sized, loose paddle with fluffed rounded tip.
... Crease Cone-shaped with soft tapered point.
... Angle Small, Flat rectangle with angled tip.
... Eyeliner elbow-shaped ferrule
... Fan Medium, Full fan with tapered tip.
... Eyebrow Spooley A "mascara wand-style" spiral of hairs

About Paradise Beauty

"Seek within your inner self and magnify the many colorful layers within your magnificent and vibrant soul. Expose and express your bold and beautiful self by spreading your feathers freely and proudly like a peacock for all the world to see."